Landmaster Tank

I have posted this one on the forum some time ago, but I found out that this one deserves its own post on the blog. This Landmaster looks pretty awesome. Although the barrel is very hard to make (if you want it to look good) it is all still buildable.

Note that you really should cut out the flaps on the barrel like it is on the sheet, so you won’t have trouble scoring and folding the flaps. When you are done scoring and folding, you can make the flaps smaller.
You can click on the picture to see a larger version.
Good luck and have fun!
PDO file (open in Pepakura)

By DocD


  1. rafael

    This LandMaster is so perfect!!!
    I make it!
    And i loved!

    But i think one thing….the steers…are too complicated to put on….

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