Krystal is the (possible) sole survivor of her doomed home planet, Cerinia. Krystal is calm and mild mannered. She makes her first appearance in the series in Star Fox Adventures, where in search of answers to her planet’s destruction, and the death of her parents, she comes across a distress signal from the planet Sauria. Various different paths and endings are available in Star Fox Command; some show Krystal returning to Star Fox and to Fox himself, defecting to Star Wolf or the Cornerian Army, and even abandoning Lylat altogether due to public ridicule and adopting a new identity under the name Kursed, changing so drastically that Fox fails to recognize her when the two cross paths on a planet named Kew two years later. Krystal has shoulder-length hair, big turquoise eyes, and a curvy figure. Krystal was originally designed to be a main character of Dinosaur Planet, before Nintendo turned the project into a Star Fox title. Her original design was that of a 16-year-old orphaned feline, who was raised by a wizard named Randorn. When Fox became the main character of Adventures, Krystal was redesigned into her present form as a 19-year-old orphaned fox and her role in the game became less central. In the English version of the series, Krystal speaks Estuary English and is voiced by Estelle Ellis in Adventures, and Alésia Glidewell in Assault & Brawl. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Aya Hara~info from Star Fox Wiki

Download: Here

Designer: Ignatius
photo by Teris

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  1. Anonymous

    you beat me to it by a day , ive been working on a life size one based on the same SSBB trophy file i want to post it to!

  2. Sakura Courage Solo

    Pretty awesome. Though I would like a papercraft of Krystal from Star Fox Adventures. Unfortunately I’m not that good with Pepakura, and the 3D model on the Krystal Archives website that already has poseable bone structure only works in Maya. o.o;

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