Koopa Troopa

It’s the Koopa Troopa! And it doesn’t come with just one color! Oh no! It comes with a whooping 7 colors! Oh yeah!

Koopa Troopas are turtle-like creatures. They are the most common classification of Koopa. They come in multiple colors, including, green, red, blue and yellow. They first walked on four legs, but in later games they have both hands and feet. Their shells may be used as projectiles, which have become a fixture in all Mario Kart games. The Paper Mario series introduces friendly Koopa Troopas.

Only 2 pages, but some pieces might be a bit confusing. If you run on Windows, be sure to open the PDO file with Pepakura. If you don’t have this, just rely on the template and connect tabs to the closest face on the template.

Download here!

By Prife7


  1. Anonymous

    Is it ok if I (try to) make a Dry Bones Recolor? Im a n00b so you can revise it if you want. I will also split credits with you 75-25 (you being 75 for the papercraft AND all the recolors, me 25 since I’m not that good at recolors and I only did 1)

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