Koopa Clown Car

PhotobucketThe first appearance of the Koopa Clown Car was in Super Mario World; in the Valley of Bowser, Bowser can be seen flying around his castle in it.

After making his way through Bowser’s Castle and onto the rooftop of it, Mario proceeded to battle Bowser, who rode around in the Koopa Clown Car. Attacking Mario by dropping Big Steelies and Mecha Koopas on him; Bowser could only be injured by having a jumped-on Mecha Koopa thrown at him when he stuck his head out of the Koopa Clown Car.

There are 3 different colored Koopa Clown Cars in the pack. You can change the textures on the PDO too if you want/

Download here

By Icthus7, testbuild by Gipi


  1. Gipi

    Anonymous said…
    ”The lines are too tough to see! I can barely see any of the lines!”

    It’s better if you print it from the PDO file with Pepakura Viewer…

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