Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles Craft Image

For Sonic fans everywhere, here’s something for your Crafting Pleasure. Fans will be able to tell you that Knuckles has been around since the third main game in the series – making him one of the oldest members of the cast. He’s hotheaded, arrogant and a rivalry with our hero that often gets in the way of things. Still, no-one can deny that he hasn’t had an impact on the series – with rivals like Metal Sonic or Shadow the Hedgehog following in his footsteps.

The craft itself is quite something. Forty-five pages, forty-five centimetres tall. All design credit goes to the talented Destro2k. Suitable for only the most talented builders – although I can recommend amateur crafter our Sonic and Shadow models.

This Knuckles build, however, can be found Here.