Our little pink hero has returned… this time in paperform! There are two versions of Kirby: One is a bit blocky, like most of Gotorion’s papercraft. The other one is pretty much a real kirby. Choose for yourself what you like most.

via Gotorion. Photo by Paperart

It’s a kirby! And high quality too! ddi7i4d decided to get rid of Kirby’s cooking pot and hat, and came up with this. Great for all people who’d like to build Kirby without the cooking stuff!

Clean Kirby:
Lined, Lineless

By ddi7i4d, picture by Skelekitty


  1. Anonymous

    This is a great kirby craft! It reminds me of Super Smash Bros. 64 when you press the top left grey button and Kirby says “Hii!”. To “Anonymous”, the things near the top / sides of his head are the arms.

  2. sabidiet

    yesss!!! i did it whoo ;D thank you ddi7i4d for making this aesome papercraft (i know i spelt it wrong but i don’t care =D) bye

  3. pokegirl170

    the arms are connected to the top!!! and also,I need a bit of help with some complicated tiny but big feet:)

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