King Bulblin’s Shield

King Bulblin is a new villain in Twilight Princess, first appearing in Ordon Village. He is the one who shatters the peaceful life of Link by invading the Ordona Province to clear the way for a Twilight portal to appear over the Ordon Spring. King Bulblin then kidnaps the children of the village, but they manage to escape to Kakariko Village.

King Bulblin spars against Link at Eldin Province
He later kidnaps Colin and escapes to the center of the Eldin Province, where a horseback battle takes place. Link must chase after him and slash off his armor while Bulblin’s legion of monsters chases him on Bullbo.

This papercraft is only the shield of King Bulblin though, but it looks like a life-sized one!

Download here!

By Brandon, picture by Sgonzales22