Kazooie in Backpack

I will start posting the entries that we get in the Banjo Kazooie contest :) We only have 2 entries so far, but I’m sure a lot of people are still working on their models!

It’s Kazooie in a backpack! But wait, where is she hanging on? A hallstand? Yup! Remember the Banjo Kazooie game selection screen? Kazooie was in the backpack like this at one of the savegames. (I believe just the first one)
IF we get more entries like this, we will finally have a decent amount of high quality Banjo Kazooie papercrafts (although the existing ones are allready good)

Kazooie in Backpack

By Gupu (original topic)


  1. Anonymous

    Wow! That’s an awesome papercraft!
    The only thing wrong with it is that the sign says ‘Kazzoie’ when it should be ‘Kazooie’. Other than that, its excellent!

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