Kat from WarioWare

Kat is the extroverted, more dominant half of the famous ninja twins from the WarioWare games, Kat and Ana. Her twin, Ana is more timid than her sister. The two live in an old-fashioned Japanese-style house in a forest and are said to be descended from the Iga ninja clan. They go to Mystical Ninja Elementary.

Kat & Ana make a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Assist Trophy characters and as regular trophies.

It is a fun craft to build, though not recommended for the beginner. It’s pretty awesome when finished and well worth the effort. You also might want to add counterweight on the right foot to help her stand.

3D Model Editing by Brandon. Template by Paperbuff. Model rip by Gazamaniac.

Download: A4 / Letter

*Drummyralfeditz* I apologize for the lack of crafts I have been posting lately, and I thank Paperbuff for posting some while I was absence. I’m very busy with school, but we’ll soon go back to daily posting again. Thanks for your understanding. Oh and Brandon & Paperbuff: Nice craft! Great job buddiez :)


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