Kalimari’s Desert Train

Kalimari Desert is a race course in Mario Kart 64. It is the fourth and final race of the Mushroom Cup. The course’s most notable feature is the train track that goes through a mesa. The train constantly moves around the track, often crossing through the racers’ path. Depending on what mode is being played, the train may or may not have coaches attached to it. If the player is on the track or runs into it, the player will be thrown in the air. It is possible to drive on the train’s track, however this will cost the racer time.
The race starts out next to a large cliff formation, upon the first turn racers will see how empty the desert really is. At the end of the turn the racers will encounter the train for the first time. After passing the tracks the players will race alongside the track of the train (though it is in a cave and not visible) eventually running into it a second time. After this encounter the racers will race along the edge of the map and eventually work their way back to the finish line. ~ info from wikipedia
Download: Here
Creator: GP (Gipi)


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