K.K. Slider 2

Here’s a different version of Animal Crossing’s laid back musician, based on his trophy from SSBB. This one I believe has a better template and some more detail.
K.K. Slider is a recurring character in the Animal Crossing series, and can usually be found on Saturday nights playing his guitar outside the train station or in The Roost. The player can request a song by typing in the name, or ask for a random one instead. Either way he’ll give you a tape afterwards so you can build up your music collection in your house!
The model is probably medium difficulty due to its size (~15cm). You’ll need to cut out the guitar front and back from the square textures, since Pepakura doesn’t support transparencies.
This model has been around on the forum for a while but now has a finished picture thanks to help from readers! There’s still plenty of things which require builders so have a browse of the Creativity Zone in the forums (membership required to view) if you want to help us out with some exclusive models.

Download Here

Template by Ignatius
Picture by vandreraia