Jiggy pieces

We have seen the jiggy piece before, but this time it’s an easier version. It also has the traditional textures. Because this version is easier then the one posted before, you can make a whole bunch of them and put them together! Why buy a wallpaper for in your room when you can just put the wall full of jiggy pieces made out of paper?

In both Banjo Kazooie and Tooie, you had to collect these Jiggy pieces to advance in the game. They were like the stars in SM64, but they actually made some sense because of the puzzles you had to complete before moving to a next level.

Download Jiggy here

By Toodles

And here’s the old one:

Don’t underestimate this papercraft! It’s really not as easy as it looks at first glance. No, it’s not the most difficult one you will ever make, but you will have a lot of cutting to do. I suggest making both part first, and then put them together (duh) Just put some glue on the corners first, and on the middle of the two round gaps. Later you can glue the sides with a toothpick.

I suggest you print this one on glossy photo-paper (unlike most other papercrafts) because it should shine a bit.
Have fun!

By Pedophobe