PictureIsabelle is your personal secretary in the new Animal Crossing:New Leaf. She helps you with things like towntunes, public works projects and gives you advice on how to run the town.

This cute little papercraft shouldn’t be too hard to make if you’re a somewhat experienced builder. Have fun!

Height: 13 cm
Pages: 2

From the Cafetera blog

Download here


  1. min

    i really wish they would have her regular face i know you can edit it but i don’t have the skills

  2. idk

    I actually made this a few weeks ago and it turned out really well, however the hardest part was attaching the body to the head since there were no instructions so I just had to guess on how you were suppose to connect it. I also had difficulty attaching the ears to the head but other than those complications I had no trouble with the rest and wanted to say thanks for the papercraft!:D

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