This month’s SBB paper craft features one of the most popular characters of the Game: Ike – everybody loves Ike right? So I decided to make him early because of his large fanbase.
Ike is easily the most powerful brawler around – his f-smash even beats Bowser’s. (I’m a Bowser player and I know) It KO’s at 40% from the center of final D. But it is extremely laggy at the wind-up and afterwards so think before you use it. Ike requires good timing and precision to be used competitively. In fact, all his moves have this problem – all the is but his neutral-a and f-special and b-air. Use these often! Beware of the backwards Ike!

You can download Ike from here


  1. Alicia

    fantastic job! I adore all the smash bros games and would love to see a zelda or peach!

    keep up the awesome work!

  2. Anonymous

    WOOOW amazing papercraft, i would love to see all the brawl characters in papercraft, you are just to good, keep at it

  3. Krysi

    my friends do brawl tournements, and i do papercraft. We decided since it is starting to become college wide, and soon city wide, that the winner will get papercraft trophy of his player. I was so happy when i saw what you started!! i will have to send you pix of the “trophy” when i finish it!! Thank you so much!!

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