Ice Kirby

Kirby’s breath becomes a chilly breeze that freezes his enemies solid. Once trapped in their icy tombs, they can be knocked away into other foes. It’s two for the price of one! It’s exactly the same in Nightmare in Dream Land, only the ability gets it’s hat, which looks less like the hat in Kirby Super Star and more like the one seen in the Anime.

Basically a recolor of the normal kirby, but with a nice hat on top of it! Very well done ūüėÄ

Ice Kirby

By Paperlegend


  1. Anonymous

    Will you be making any more versions of Kirby? Particular ones that have the same template as the original version but with a different recolor and accessory as Paperlegend has done. I finished this model and the one realistic Kirby, along with Waddle Dee and Doo today, so I’m excited for any more versions to hopefully surface one day.

  2. Xenon

    There used to be a lot of recolours on the forums- all sorts of custom ones. But because they’re easy to alter, the quality of many were kinda poor and not worth putting on the blog.

    Unfortunately the thread I’m thinking of seems to have been deleted back when the forum crash/virus hit a while ago but feel free to ask/request in the guest area.

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