Hylian Shield Ornament

hylianshieldornamentJust in time for the Holidays, here’s a very simple Hylian Shield that, thanks to the instructions provided, can also become a nice ornament for your Christmas tree!

The Hylian Shield is the traditional shield of the Knights of Hyrule and a shield commonly used by Link in the 3D Zelda games. Unlike Wooden Shields, the Hylian Shield will not burn upon contact with fire. Throughout the Zelda games, the Hylian Shield has changed little in terms of overall appearance, always bearing the symbol of the Triforce and, beneath it, a red Hylian Crest representing the Crimson Loftwing that helped Link at the founding of Hyrule. The first Hylian Shield was a legendary shield guarded by the Thunder Dragon Lanayru, who created a challenge to judge whether someone would be worthy of wielding the shield.
Zelda Wiki

Here is the template by ~studioofmm on deviantART :

Legend of Zelda Hero of Twilight papercraft parts

Finally, click on the link below to view the instructions on Otaku Crafts to transform this into a Christmas Ornament. Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Hylian Shield Ornament on Otaku Crafts