Hylian Knight

The knights in Ocarina of Time wield spears and wear helmets that covers their eyes. Dozens of guards patrol Hyrule Castle and its gardens, and will stop Link from progressing further by throwing him out of the castle when they spot him.

Though most players might miss it, when Zelda and Impa escape from Ganondorf on horseback, a dying knight can be found in the back alley of Hyrule Castle Town before Link goes to the Temple of Time and draws the Master Sword.

It even comes with instructions, so have fun! I will merge some Zelda posts so all will be visible again :)

Download Hylian Knight here!

By nasman1993, info from Zeldapedia


  1. Jake

    cool, i love all the n64 crafts they bring memories

    but for some odd reason i always thought that the gaurds were girls lol or are they!?!?!?

  2. nasman1993

    I’m pretty sure they’re men. Oh, and I’ll be working on Captain Viscen next, the leader of the Hylian Knights.

  3. Anonymous

    They are definitely not girls, but those skin-tight shorts would made anyone think otherwise. (I bet the armor design was made by Zelda, FOR Zelda…lol)

    Or Nintendo was too lazy to make the shorts more realistically flare outward. Who knows?

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