The hookshot from Ocarina of Time! The Hookshot is a favorite item among Zelda fans. (Apparently it is a favorite of the game’s designers as well, as its acquisition is often accompanied by whimsical messages of “BOING!” or “What a great invention!”) It, or a variation of it, has appeared in almost every Zelda game since A Link to the Past.

The item, which is exclusive to The Legend of Zelda series, is a complex machine consisting of a chain and hook. When it is being used, the chain extends sending a large hook, which is attached to the chain, flying through the air. If the hook latches onto certain objects, the person using it (in this case, Link) is projected towards that object (rather than the chain returning to its original position.)

Download it here!

By Christina, picture by SethMTT. Text by Zelda Wiki


  1. Christina

    hella awesome! posted design! if any one is confused about the handle, glue both ends to the smallest circle on the end (like how it appears in the game) also the white rectangles on the last page serve no purpose (sorry i didn’t know how to get rid of them).

  2. Kirby-oh

    I modified my handle to sit on the large ring, and it gives me a little more room for my hand. The end-cap seemed a little too big on mine, so I’m adjusting that as well. Finally, I’m scaling it up 30% because I’m 6’3″.

    It’s very well done, thanks. :)

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