Hero of Twilight

twilightlinkAfter making Zora armor Link earlier, I decided to make another Twilight Princess Link, this time in his more recognizable, green outfit.

In Twilight Princess, Link is granted the green clothes of the Legendary Hero, after Faron, one of the Spirits of Light, recognizes him as the chosen one to bring back the light to Hyrule.
The Hero’s Clothes offer better protection than his Ordon outfit and wolf form, and he’s gonna need it…
Have fun building!


  1. Kastenbrot

    Good Papercraft. But the description is not right: You don’t get this while getting the Master Sword, you get this outfit when you transform to human the first time – that’s at the beginning of the game!

  2. sporkyllama

    I love it! I think I’ll make this for my boyfriend as part of a Christmas gift =] And the instructions are amazingly clear too, which will make things so much easier. Thank you so much! ^_^

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