Helmaroc King’s Mask

The Helmaroc King, also known as the Monstrous Helmaroc King, is a character from the The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is depicted as an exceptionally large Kargaroc. He wears a hard steel mask which can be destroyed using the Skull Hammer. While he is wearing the mask his eyes are shown yellow; however, while fighting him without the mask they are shown as being red, possibly because the monster’s mask has protective lenses over the eyes. He serves Ganondorf in a Forsaken Fortress. The name of the Helmaroc King is most likely derived from helmet and Roc, a giant bird of Persian mythology.~info from zeldawiki

Download: Here

Designer: Unknown
photo by Christina


  1. Anonymous

    This model was great, and I wore it to a masquerade with the eyes removed… You have to blow it up to about 150% to make it work though…

    Also, there seem to be a couple of unnecessary curved pieces…

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