Happy Mask Salesman

Many people think that I design all the crafts that are posted here. This is not true. Today however, I can put my own name under the blogpost for the first time, since I took a shot at designing. So here’s my first design: The Happy Mask Salesman!

The Happy Mask Salesman is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. He is a travelling collector and seller of strange and rare masks. He is considered one of the most unnerving characters in the Legend of Zelda series, due to his erratic behavior, unpredictable temper, strange powers and his hysterical obsession with getting his stolen mask back.

This model didn’t need much editing, so I had it done pretty quick. The textures gave me some problems however, and I just couldn’t get the texture file fixed for the PDO. I had to clean the template up some more in Gimp. Therefore, I highly recommand printing out the PDF, and not from the PDO. Only use the PDO as a reference when building.

When attaching the tabs from the chest to the robe, attach them sort of inside the rob, not right on the edge. This will make the model look better.

I did make quite some pictures when building, but I stopped when I started at the legs. I don’t have enough material to make a guide just yet, but I’m working on it. This post will be updated once the guide is done.

Have fun, and be sure to read the quick notes before building!

Download the Happy Mask Salesman

EDIT: made second page of lined PDF really lined now ūüėõ Redownload if you don’t have this yet please.

By Drummyralf, info from Zeldapedia


  1. SpinachPuffs

    Awesome model – could someone tell me which Zelda game it’s from? I remember him looking different in Ocarina (he was in a tent for starters), so I’m guessing it’s Majora’s Mask…

  2. Gazamaniac

    SUGOI!!! I wanted to design this one, but I guess I got a bit too lazy ūüėõ But you did as good – no, BETTER than I would have done. Great work for you’re first craft Ralf . . . really great work!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, I was wondering how tall/big this is, as I am still no good with tiny crafts.

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