Another character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii, this time it’s Haar.

Haar is a veteran Wyvern rider who has served many nations in Tellius. In the events of Radiant Dawn he joins up with Queen Elincia to halt the Crimean rebels, and later follows Ike in the fight against Begnion, possibly with his own desires to bring down his corrupt former commanders and senators. This craft depicts him in his Dragonmaster class, with a Steel Axe. Promotable to Dragonlord class, his high HP, strength and defense makes him an extremely resiliant unit, able to withstand heavy combat. Just watch out for magic wielders, especially Thunder Mages who inflict double damage on Wyvern units!

Another complex model, ~41cm tall but has 21 pages and many small parts. Elements of the face and hands are particularly tricky. Use of the PDO is highly recommended. Please look at the Read Me, template info and instructions, though don’t be restricted by my order of building, as everyone’s ideal method varies.

Download Here!

Best built in the smooth method, with a few exceptions mentioned in the instructions.

Template and Picture by Xenon


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    Wow! This is a very detailed paper-craft. I’ve been following your blog and I really love your Pokemon crafts and Zelda. I hope to see more good stuff in the future. How about Castlevania?

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