Guru Guru

Guru Guru has entered the world of paper!

He is slightly similar to the Happy Mask Salesman, as both are constantly smiling and have brief moments of surreal rage. In Majora’s Mask, he is a very happy person but is full of guilt as he stole a mask by the name of the Bremen Mask from a dog, who could get any animal to follow his command. He gives you this mask as a reward for listening to his story and to get rid of his guilt.

I really love this guy, and I know many Zelda fans do too. His song, the Song of Storms, is probably one of the most popular songs in the Zelda series. I’ve listened to it many times while building this :) The download pack includes the wooden bench. This bench can be found behind him in Majora’s mask at night. It was so big that I decided to make seperate PDFS for the bench.


Download GuruGuru

By Drummyralf, Info from Zelda Wiki


  1. TheOcaina-o-squidward

    This is wonderful! My favorite LoZ character is Guru-Guru and for there to be a papercraft of him is truly awesome! Also, the song of storms is epic.

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