Obscure Zelda NPCs are one of my favourite categories for ripping. Grog is no exception and after some messing about in the last fortnight he’s now available in papercraft form!

Grog is an idle and depressed young man who can be found under a tree in Kakariko village at night. He readily shares his views on people and his parents, all of which are “disgusting” to him, and even suggests that Link is too! His father is Mutoh, the boss of the carpenters and from their dialogue, the two don’t seem to get along very well. In Majora’s Mask, his alter ego looks after the Cuccos in Romani Ranch and sports a new spiky haircut. (Though this model doesn’t include that!)

He sits on a box at ~16-17cm tall and has an optional bag for a mini diorama feel. He’s scaled to all my other NPC crafts too! Technically in game he has three bags so you can go nuts and print more if you want.

The model is very average in terms of construction, the only hard parts are the usual things like sticking limbs on. More specifically the hands are a bit tricky, being very thin and flat near the thumbs. Also there are many important valley folds on the body that should be done cleanly. If in doubt, take a peek at the .PDO!

Download Here!

Via Hyrule Papercraft

Happy building!

Designed by Xenonray


  1. Anonymous

    Wow, I just skimmed this page, and to all of you guys I have to say that you are masters! Every single one of these are PERFECT facsimiles to their in-game counterparts. Astounding!

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