Grindel and Spindel

Grindels are a type of Thwomps that debuted in Super Mario 64. They appear as mummified Thwomps, with a pair of small round eyes and an evil grin on their faces. They only appear inside of the Pyramid of the level Shifting Sand Land. They attack in a similar fashion to a Thwomp, floating up in the air vertically and fall over the ground, crushing anybody below them. Grindels can also move horizontally by “jumping” back and forth. A Spindel is a sub-species of Thwomps coming from Super Mario 64. Spindel appears as a mummified rolling Thwomp with a demonic grin and malicious eyes that tries to run over Mario, and cause damage to the plumber. Spindel only appears inside the Pyramid of the course Shifting Sand Land, where it can be found rolling back and forth in a section of the pyramid. There is a safe spot where Mario can hide, so he can avoid being squished. Its closest relative is the Grindel. Spindel also appears in the Nintendo DS’ remake Super Mario 64 DS.~info from Super Mario wiki
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Designer: mastermind777
photo by mastermind777