Great Fox

Woah! A Great Fox ūüėÄ We haven’t seen a Star Fox papercraft for quite some time, so I’m sure all you Star Fox fans can’t wait to start on this one!

The Great Fox is the mothership belonging to the Star Fox team. It is considerably bigger than any other vehicle the team has; mainly because it serves to hold the four Arwings, the team members, various other vehicles (such as the Landmaster Tank) and a number of various on-board facilities.

it’s 7 pages big, and comes with a PDO when you’re getting confused. They’re all pretty big pieces, so this shouldn’t cause too much problems :)

Have fun!

Download here!

By Prife7


  1. Trace

    Good Papercraft, but you forgot the tabs at the part where the wing connect with the body on the .pdf files of the papercraft…

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