It’s time to get back in business! After a long absence, I thought I should get back into the papercraft world. I apologize if I will post stuff that has been posted ages ago on other websites. I haven’t been keeping track of papercrafts for a few months now after all.

Anyway, on to the papercraft! It’s Grandma! I loved her when I first met her, and I still love her when I see her now. Oh, the cuteness. I also felt really bad for leaving her after she lost Aryll, but I had to rescue that girl! I was glad I was able to cheer her up with a nice fairy. Did you know she makes delicious soup?

You can download this craft here

This craft was designed by touchfuzzygetdizzy


  1. Orangoetan

    Welcome back XD
    Well, it was about time. Hope we see some more nice crafts (like this one) soon!
    I’m still wondering if there’s a normal TP link available, though.

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