I know this is kinda an old papercraft, but I decided to post it anyway for archive purposes. Gordo is a common enemy in the Kirby series.
Gordo is a rare kind of enemy that can’t be destroyed by anything (except for pits), not even Crash and Kirby can’t inhale it, all he can do is avoid Gordo.
Gordo is a simple black or blue metal ball with two big eyes, and with six spikes on its side that move in and out in unison. Gordo normally floats in the air, either stationary, or moving in a pattern back and forth, or up and down. Sometimes Gordo will just move along walls or floors as well.

Have fun!

Gordo pack (includes lined and lineless jpg+PDO)

By Charles Bradbury, Picture by louispierce


  1. Anonymous

    your errors:

    -gordo is a simple GRAY (they are black or blue!) metal ball…
    -enemy that CAN’T BE DESTROYED(yes, it can be destroyed by making it fall into a hole(the ones that kill kirby) and other way, but i not remember it)
    by anything…

    anyway, good papercraft!

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