Ganondorf WW

I believe I missed this one whilst scheduling some posts for when I was away a few weeks ago. So here’s a big papercraft of Ganondorf, one of the major recurring villains in the Legend of Zelda series. He’s not always introduced in a game straight away, but chances are he’ll be pulling the strings somewhere in the background!
This model is from his Wind Waker appearance (there’s a lot of WW crafts around lately!) in which he boasts some massive black robes and terrifying eyebrows!
Though large, this is a difficult model which requires experience and appropriately thick paper. The designer has written some tips on the original blog post about construction order and using pegs to join limbs.

Download Here

Template and Picture by ZetohMunch


  1. Sean

    I just started this one and I can tell that I’ll be leveling up my papercrafting skills! This will be my second Nintendo papercraft (started with Aryll). I’ve already learned some lessons about this through trial and error.

    Scoring is a must for the head. If you don’t score every line/angle, you will very extremely likely not get the right fit. You must pay attention to mountains and valleys. I’m using 110lb paper. Since I have found it necessary to score with a razor (everything else ruins the ink), I believe this thick of paper is necessary. Trying to score 65lb paper with a razor generally tends to simply cut it straight through. I also learned that the Pepekura option of printing extra color on the edges is worthless for this craft. It makes it extremely difficult to see the lines you should be cutting mostly due to all the black. It would also be worth having printed with the lines so I know where to score. Since every score line seems necessary, I find myself looking on the computer to find the lines and score them semi-blindly. With the score from a razor, the lines turn white when folded far enough anyway, so printed lines probably would not have made a difference. I will likely be coloring the lines after the fact anyway. Then again, for the lines that don’t fold drastically, the score line is nearly invisible since it’s razor thing. So perhaps it’s good there’s no line printed there… Keep in mind, these lessons might only apply to the head or other small details. The body might be different/easier.

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