Gameboy Color

PhotobucketThe Gameboy Color! Home of the best Pokemon game in the Pokemon series: Gold/silver and Crystal, where you experienced day and night for the very first time. It was released on November 19 in North America, and together with the Gameboy, it was sold 118.7 milion times! The Gameboy Color had the same resolution as the Gameboy: 160×144

Well, you can download a pack of different colored Gameboy Colors! there is also a PDO file in the pack, and a PDO for Game Cartridges. It shouldn’t be too hard to make these. Have fun!!

Gameboy Color pack

By POdragon, picture by Legomyfoot


  1. Anonymous

    Not all colors have been made yet.

    The gray piece is what holds the paper cartridge in place, check the PDO file please.

  2. jackle86

    umm… why is the thing at the bottom of page 1 slanted like that? It’s kinda weird… of course, I don’t have a real gameboy color. just a gba SP. so therefore, I don’t know if that’s how the gbc is supposed to look.

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