Hey all!
Here’s a new model fresh from the oven! Well not really, but you’re not supposed to know that. Furret is a Pokémon that evolve from Sentret and can be described as the result of mixing a ferret with the Cheshire cat. Shiny form is even pink just like it while normal is brownish; don’t ask me which Brandon built in that pic tho. It’s not too hard to build, only 6 pages and looks really cute. (It’s suffering from Amnesia tho, easter egg beware ???)

As you can see, the Paperpokés’ page is still not open yet; we got some last minute trouble with download links so we’re working hard on fixing that and everything should be ready soon. Don’t worry, we still have some new models on the vault. We’re really sorry to make you wait tho…

Model by PMF, testbuild by Brandon.

Download Furret


  1. Ashli

    what are the last two pages with question marks on them for? you said that the craft was only 6 pages, which seems only to make sense without those two pages.

  2. Ashli

    sorry, I was looking at the pdf file, and I just didn’t see that they would be question marks. Blonde moment!

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