Freezie_Baptiste1546A Freezie (originally known as a Slipice) is an enemy made entirely of ice that first appeared in the arcade game Mario Bros.

They vary greatly in size and shape, but are instantly recognizable thanks to their permanently puzzled expression.
Occasionally, Freezies are used as items to (obviously) freeze enemies. Despite being one of Mario’s first enemies, they have only recently started appearing in games again.

~info from Super Mario Wiki
Here is the lined template, thanks to Seb :
And here’s the line-less template, thanks to Seb :
Design by TwilightTegan, photo by Baptiste


  1. Xenon

    Your version looks very good! Alright, why not, I’ll put your picture on the blogpost too. I’ll keep TwilightTegan’s as well since it is the original y’know, plus it seems to actually be in a freezer, which makes me laugh.

    Thanks for your contribution!

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