Fox McCloud SSBB

By now you may have seen this template on other websites, it even made Papercraft Museum’s Model of the Month once! We’ve actually had it on our forum for a long time too since it was designed by one of our members, Ignatius. But without a finished picture we can’t really post something of this complexity on the blog. Until now that is, so many thanks to Zeroangelx2 for this great build!

Fox McCloud is the main character of the Star Fox series and has appeared in many games and spin-offs spanning several generations of consoles. He’s a young but highly skilled starfighter pilot. This model is based on his Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy, which in turn is derived from the artwork of Star Fox Command on the DS.

In Brawl he is a very fast character with short range rapid attacks and some speedy combos. He has a good selection of special moves, giving him a ranged attack, and a variety of tactics for movement and defense. Though like most lightweight characters he needs to avoid being caught up in a heavy fight and can be KO’d quite easily.

No doubt this is a complex model, so experience and appropriately thick paper are essential. Using the PDO file with Pepakura Viewer will also be immensely helpful.

Stands at a formidable 50cm!
Download Here

Template by Ignatius
Picture by Zeroangelx2

I’m impressed with the amount of help we’ve had to testbuild/build forum models. There’s still quite a few more to do if anyone else wants to help out. Check this post for more info.


  1. William

    I built this one for a friend who loves StarFox. Pictures just can’t do it justice. The final product (with a few manual fixes) was absolutely amazing.

    The manual fixes included coloring the back of some pieces, like the buckles on the boots, and the inside of the hands… Nothing ever fits 100% and those areas were left wanting.

    I also take a marker and color the edges of the paper to match the printing, and that helps hide the seams.

    I’m not complaining, mind you… Just giving some extra tips. The model was absolutely amazing as it was.

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