Results of the 2012 Two Pages Contest

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Results of the 2012 Two Pages Contest

Postby GP » 31 Jul 2013, 20:48

Xenonray wrote:1st Squeezycheesecake with 50 points

2nd Oli Gig with 31 points

3rd Dil with 27 points

Great job guys! Many thanks to all who entered or participated this time! We saw a real range of models for such a simple starting rule which goes to show how diverse papercrafting is, even for small or simple models. The aim of the contest was to produce some templates which were beginner friendly or have an concise but elegant template and I think overall this has been successful. :art:

Runners up:
Brandon & Luis: 20
Poethetortoise: 10
Sabi96: 10
Link101: 9
Caelenr: 3
LordFawful: 2
Leafy101: 0

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