Results of the 2011 Super Mario Contest

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Results of the 2011 Super Mario Contest

Postby GP » 31 Jul 2013, 20:45

Hippo wrote:SEB! (with 58 points)

2nd place: Brandon and Olber with 45 points
3rd place: Squeezycheesecake with 36 points

Congratulations! :laugh:

Thank you everyone for participating, I really appreciate it. The crafts were really amazing this time around, and I'm so glad that we can add them to our growing list of quality Mario crafts. All entries be posted on the blog as soon as possible. Thank you again!

Runners up:
Gipi: 28 points
PMF: 19 points
DrNicholas: 8 points
HawaiianPunch: 6 points
Linkdude101: 5 points
Leafy101: 4 points
Samuil900: 4 points
Pikmindude777: 3 points
BradleyDS1: 1 point
Amrondeau: 1 point


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