Fly Guy

A Fly Guy is a sub-species of Shy Guy. They have propellers on their heads and have various jobs. They are not to be confused with Flying Shy Guys or Sky Guys. Fly Guys first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. In the game they carried Red Coins, 1-Ups, Coins, ? Clouds or even bombs. In some levels one of them would swoop down carrying a ? Cloud or a Red Coin, and if Yoshi didn’t get them in time the Fly Guy would float back up and laugh mockingly. In Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, Fly Guys, here called Fire Guys, appear in Shifting Sand Land. They fly around the course, spitting fireballs at Mario, trying to force the plumber into the lethal quicksand. They also appear in Tiny-Huge Island. This time, the Fly Guys spit fire at Mario near ledges, trying to kick him off the ledge. A single Fly Guy appears on Tall Tall Mountain next to Ukiki. They also appear in Rainbow Cruise, though in a small number. These are the only games where they have the ability to produce flames. When Mario stomps a Fly Guy in Super Mario 64, he will Spin Jump high up into the air. This allows him to reach high places. The Fly Guys share this effect with the Spindrifts.~info from Super Mario wiki

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