Fire Stingray

Catch it while you can! It’s the Fire Stingray!

Samurai Goroh’s F-Zero machine is called the Fire Stingray, an extremely small craft with only one fin sporting a pinkish color with fire painted on the back of the ship. As described in the original F-Zero game, careful and perfectly timed use of the super jet (boost) is the key operating this machine. The Fire Stingray has the highest max speed and is also the heaviest out of the four original machines.

A simple one-pager. Vert092 is planning on doing more of these F-Zero racers, so stay tuned for more! This download comes with an awesome F-Zero mp3, which you can listen while building this craft. That’s something I’ve never seen before ūüėõ Original, and awesome tune! And I’m spamming exlamation marks! Yay!

Download here!

By Vert092, info from F-Zero Wikia


  1. Anonymous

    you said something about making the blue falcon and the rest of the f-zero machines in your text when I downloaded this, is that true? cause I really want to make a blue falcon papercraft that didn’t have instructions in spanish.

    PS, if you can make the blue falcon model,can you make it more easier to build like the fire stingray model cause I had a hard time making the spanish version of the blue falcon. thanks :)

  2. Anonymous

    this is an awsome model and when are you gonna make the blue falcon model cause Ive been dieing to wait for a easier blue falcon papercraft and I would also like the other f-zero cars to be made like the blood hawk, black bull etc. by the way this model is awsome and I hope and pray to god that you’ll make the other f-zero machines. F-zero RULES! and FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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