Final Fantasy Mystic Quest diorama

You’re probably wondering what a Final Fantasy papercraft is doing on a Nintendo blog. It’s really easy actually: This game came out for the SNES. In North America and Japan it was released by Square Soft (and Square Co), but in Europe, it was actually published by Nintendo.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was first released in North America in 1992 and marketed as a “simplified role-playing game…designed for the entry-level player” in an attempt to broaden the genre’s appeal. The game’s presentation and battle system is broadly similar to that of the main series, but it differed in its inclusion of action-adventure game elements.
In the game, the player controls a youth named Benjamin in his quest to save the world. His goal is to reclaim a set of stolen crystals that determine the state of the world’s four elemental powers.

You can download the Diorama here

By Kapsh
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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah it’s a ff adventure diorama. But ff adventure was called mystic quest in europe. Maybe that’s wher the mistake cam from.

  2. Anonymous

    Seiken densetsu is is in Japanese, it was not supposed to be part of the game, just a side part.

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