FFCC: The Crystal Bearers

final-fantasy-crystal-bearers-papercraftDirectly from the official japanese news website, the characters of the upcoming Wiigame: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers! In the first picture we’ve got Layle, the Clavat protagonist, along with Keiss, his Selkie friend and colleague, and Belle, a Selkie girl who is a photographer. In the second one we’ve got Jegran, the High Commander of the Liltian Empire (Layle and Keiss work for him at the beginning of the game), Althea, the young Lilty princess (with her furret), and Amidatelion, the last survivor of the Yuke race and the main villain of the game. They’re all in a cubee style, but really nice looking! So what are you waiting for? Download them!!!