Eternal Star

This is a statue from Super Mario64. It is said to be an Easter Egg.

Apparently on Mario 64, in the courtyard at the back of the Castle (where all the ghosts are) where the sign at the fountain is, It says ‘L is Real 2401′ or ‘Eternal Star’ depending the way you look at it.

This has put up rumors that Luigi is in Mario 64, because L would mean Luigi and they would say he’s real.
People also say that this means That Luigi is real in Paper Mario because 2401 is the day (2/4/01) when Paper Mario was released in the US.

Some people also read it as Eternal Star, which would make sense seeing that it’s below a Concrete Star.

Anyway, here’s the papercraft
Eternal Star

By Mastermind777


  1. Brynna

    It’s like the rumors about finding the Triforce in OOT–not going to happen.

    If it was true, some video game cracker probably would have found it by now.

  2. Anonymous

    the thing says

    L is real 2041
    in paper m

    and it says also in dodongo cavern in zelda oot on the sign that says over dead dodongos eyes

  3. Anonymous

    easter eggs are positively awesome! This is probably a small preview of paper mario.

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