Epona Twilight Princess

PhotobucketI forgot to post this Epona! I have this one on my computer for quite a while now, but never got the time to actually make it. It looks like quite a complicated model, and there is no guide. Think about that before you start!

On the maquettes forum, someone actually started building it, but never showed a picture of the final results. The pictures that are there are still pretty cool though. You can see it as some sort of guide I guess, so take a look at the thread.

Download Epona

By Phh29, picture by Mark


  1. Drummyralf

    There is no official instruction for this one. I did give a link to someone who posted some step-by-step pictures though. It’s in the post.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve looked the le forum en papier where is little about it, but it only covers the front and so it’s not complete

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