EOXThis craft comes to us from paperlegend and the paperzelda team. It’s Eox from Phantom Hourglass. “Eox (古代巨岩兵 オーイス, Ancient Giant Rock Soldier: Ōisu) is a giant mechanical golem made of stone and wood. He is the seventh boss in Phantom Hourglass, and guards the Cobble’sAquanine. Eox is possibly the largest boss Link has ever fought, along with Molgera, Stallord, Morpheel, Bongo Bongo, Twinmold, Cragma, and Dark Dragon. Eox’s stone armor strongly resembles the exterior of Mutoh’s Temple and the other pyramids. This, along with the fact that he dwells outside of Mutoh’s tomb, suggest that Eox may actually be an ancient Cobble Kingdom war machine that was corrupted by Bellum’s evil.”~Info from zeldawiki.org

Designed by: paperlegend
Download: here


  1. Anonymous

    Ofcourse Zelda and Nintendo fans say every Zelda papercraft is great, but Nintendo PAPERCRAFTS should also look at the PAPERCRAFT and that really isn’t good: a lot of the textures are not aligned and the angles on the parts are all wrong if you make it like this it will be cross legged scarecrow: http://i50.tinypic.com/34s0zzo.jpg

    I can’t believe who made this didn’t see that maybe not in the 3D but when they build it they must have noticed the angles were all wrong and they had to force it to fit! But they just left it that way and now they got you to say it’s a great papercraft but if somebody wants to build it you’re supposed to what? Squish it until it fits? That’s not a good papercraft design………….. Is that lazy or did they not want spending more time on it to fix it??

    Everybody will call me a asshole for saying this but if you keep saying papercrafts like this are great then everybody will keep making papercrafts quickly without thinking only because they want to be famous and be in Nintendo Power I know a lot of papercrafts aren’t really very good but most people don’t know enough about papercraft to see that and just like the picture because it is from a videogame they like but have never built it or any other papercraft for that matter……

  2. Anonymous

    I just want too take time too thank the active members for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

  3. Snowmonkies

    hey it’s a model from the DS- of course it’s gonna be a little weird cause the 3-D stuff on the DS isn’t exactly perfect but hey paperlegend worked pretty hard on this and if it was really that bad of a craft drummyralf would never have posted it on the blog.

  4. pikmindude777

    NP should post more of our crafts :)

    I do agree wthat this papercraft may not be the best quality in terms of other crafts, the arms and legs were deigned to be forced on it so they would more resemble floating limbs. At tbe time we weren’t as experienced as we are now and scratch building and UV mapping was alot harder. We’d like to see you try to make a better Eox if you can. This isn’t meant to be offensive in any way.

  5. PMF

    It’s a good model and buildable, but not perfect. Argue all you want, the good parts win over the bad ones on this model…

    that sounded better in my head… :\

  6. Gipi

    I’m with PL’s side, except that he said it like I wouldn’t say. I want to tell you to BUILD the model BEFORE putting comments about it.

    Also, if you’re complainting about him, paperlegend is a really good designer.

    Finally, just don’t DON’T build it if you’re not accepting it!It’s as easy as that!

    Oh, and great job PaperLegend!

  7. Anonymous

    Nobody said it was perfect. Re-read the post retard. But as PMF points out, it is buildable and looks pretty good when finished imho. You don’t like it don’t build it or let’s see you do better.

  8. Lyrin

    Please watch your language, or we’ll start with some punishments. Don’t use swear-words (Paperlegend), and don’t call other people “retard” just because their views differ from yours.
    With that said, Anonymous is right: there are a ton of models made every day, and a great deal are quickly and poorly made and textured. Instead of saying “it’s not true!!!”, let’s take this critique and try improvng in what we do. And just saying “do something better if you’re able” is just not an excuse.

  9. Gipi

    It’s still that it is mean to comment on others’ models like this person did. I agree that what PaperLegend said could seem bad, but I understand him. It’s really not fun to receive a comment like that!

    I would like to tell to that guy whom this message is from to shut up next time instead of writing this.

    Also, it’s really not true that NPC sends bad models. They are all fun to build and collect. Never I’ll say they’re ****. Yes, some of them have tiny problems, but it’s not important:

    The important is to have fun with it.

    Forget all those glitches and let place to and awesome hobby that is papercraft. Nintendo papercrafts.

    I hope that if YOU! This person who did an error by writing something mean and useless will have read this, and will remember this.

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