Elegy of Emptiness Link

I think I’ve got a thing for editing obscure Zelda models that no-one asked for…

Anyway Elegy of Emptiness Link is here (though you may wish he wasn’t)! Don’t worry we’ve got a lot of posts ready so you won’t have to look at him on the front page for too long!

In Majora’s Mask by playing the song, Elegy of Emptiness inside Stone Tower, Link can ‘shed a shell’ of himself to create a statue of his current form. Described as a souless image, these are used to solve a variety of puzzles later on. The image created depends on what form Link is in at the time. As a Hylian (not wearing a transformation mask) the statue produced is a surreal, rather warped parody of Link.

(His sickly smile will creep you out!)

~15.7cm tall without the stand. The large head makes it top heavy so weighing it down inside, or even glueing to the stand is necessary. Other than closing the hood and some important valley folds, it’s a simple blocky model.

Download Here!

Part 1 of 4 of the Elegy Series

Edited by Xenonray


  1. HappyKonny

    I can’t do this! D=
    I just can’t get the hood right! =C
    And the pictures, even the instructions, don’t help AT ALL! >=C
    Maybe someone can help me?
    Make better pictures (MORE pictures) or even a video?
    I REAAAALLY want my own BEN =c

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