It’s a Dragonite!

Despite being bulky, Dragonite are incredibly agile and fast. Unlike it’s pre-evolutions, it is orange and possesses arms and legs. They resemble a European dragon, and have a pair of little wings that can increase in size while in flight. It has a taller stature than most humans.

Note from PMF: “Just a note about Dragonite, the one in the picture is the testbuild, so the tail’s too heavy.

I now changed the tail so it’s level with the feet and serve as a “third leg”. So no need to add weight or anything.”

Awesome :) No need to add weight. That’s how good this model is!

Download here!

By PMF, picture by PaperBuff. Info from Bulbapedia


  1. IchigoSR

    I need some directions to fold this, so far my tail has turned out curved, and i don’t exactly know how to fold the back and other parts to fold into one part. How do you add the claws as well?
    Plz give me a link or advice to folding this tricky pokemon. Thnks!

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