Dr. Mario Arcade

I don’t think we’ve had any ‘console’ crafts for a while, and I suppose arcade machines count in this category too so here’s a mini Vs. Dr. Mario booth!
Dr. Mario is a puzzle game originally released for the NES and Game Boy in 1990, whose objective is to eliminate viruses by lining up groups of coloured pills in a manner similar to Tetris.
This is a recolour of a Vs. Super Mario Bros. arcade machine papercraft, the original of which can be found here. But since that one doesn’t have a finished pic, the Dr. Mario version takes the spotlight now. Note that you’ll have to cut out the default white screen and stick the Dr. Mario screen behind the hole to get a slighty layered effect. Also the sides of the booth extend outwards past the front piece in places, so don’t glue them right at their edges as you’d usually do. This can be seen on the full sized finished pic.
The template is available as a large JPG- click the image below to view and save the full sized version.
Template by Cowboy Geoff / TM520
Recolour and Picture by Geocorn


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