Dorries are large, friendly sea dinosaurs, resembling plesiosaurs, that were first seen in Super Mario 64. The first known Dorrie from Super Mario 64 lives in an underground lake in the Hazy Maze Cave. He spends his days swimming in circles, but will gladly give Mario a ride if he gets on his back. It is also possible to steer Dorrie. Just face the desired direction on his head and he will swim in that direction. Ground Pounding on his head will cause him to lower his neck. Strangely, a sign near the lake in which he takes residence states that he might eat visitors if they get too close, although he otherwise proves to be a harmless creature. Dorrie also, of course, appears in Super Mario 64 DS. However, in the game, he wears goggles, and more resembles the Dolphins of Super Mario World. He fulfills the same role as in Super Mario 64.~info from Super Mario wiki

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Designer: mastermind777
photo by mastermind777