Donkey Kong

donkeykongpapercraft“Donkey Kong 64 (abbreviated as DK 64) is a platformer video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. The game is a follow up to the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Donkey Kong 64 follows the adventures of the titular Donkey Kong and four of his simian relatives as they try to win back their hoard of Golden Bananas and banish the evil King K.Rool and his cronies from the vicinity of their island. Players can control all five Kongs in eight individual levels as well as a greater worldmap, a multiplayer mode, and several minigames.” ~ info from wikipedia.

Designed by: GP (Gipi)
Download: Donkey Kong


  1. Anonymous

    I would like too take some time out thank the active members for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

  2. Anonymous

    lol you are at least second time poster now I remember seeing the same message before!

    On topic: I like Donkey Kong only not the download size I have not a very quick connection… If you make the settings a bit lower that you won’t notice when you print it, the file will be a lot smaller just a tip!

    On the craft there are a lot of white spots to glue the arms leg and head I wouldn’t have made it so: if the parts are the same size you will see a line from imperfect gluing together (never completely flat or straight) all the way around. Sometimes you hide it because one part is bigger then the other or it sticks out, but when they are the same size now it is better to make them like normal without the white parts but hollow (I hope you understand what I say?) Very much because it is not clothing but the body of the gorilla and it must be one piece and not the body then a line then the arm or the body then a line then the neck or the body then a line then the leg.

    Also because how you made a cut the groin looks very pain….. lol

    I am not the same as on the Eox post that you hate so please don’t delete me but I also want to say how you can make better possibly okay!

  3. Gipi

    I’m sorry,but I didn’t understand very well, my native language is french….

    Also, I’m not furious because there is a problem ūüėČ I prefer to know the problem and to repair it… It’s still one of my best model for now! I don’t want to make it bad.

    Also, aoubt the unfolding,it may be bad understood, but I think it’s the best unfolding I could do. I personally testbuilt this model myself and I’ll tell you I never had any problem while building it. Everything was fine and buildable. Also, pieces weren’t too big, and not too small. I spent an additionnal hour of checking if everrything was fine plus about 18 hours of editing the model and unfolding properly. I also took time to arrange the model verytime I saw a problem or when I found the white flaps should go on the other side.

    In fact, you should try by yourself to build this model and tell by photos your problem, beacause I don’t see any problem in the model I sent on the world wibe web.

    PS And if there is a problem about his balancing, and that he falls instead of standing up, glue one,two or three quarters under his feet, so it will stay right!

    1. Daniel+10

      Salutations .. bravo pour votre travail, j’ai vraiment aim√© le mod√®le donkey kong, je suis de l’Equateur et des costumes pour moi et je veux faire un √Ęne de costume kong et je veux savoir comment obtenir le pasword me demandant programme paperkure √† modifier seulement la t√™te .. salutations¬†

      1. Daniel+10

        Greetings .. congratulations for your work, I really liked the donkey kong model, I’m from Ecuador and costumes for me and I want to make a donkey kong costume, and I want to know how to get the pasword wondering program paperkure modify only the head .. greetings

  4. Anonymous

    I just want too take some time out Thank everyone for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

  5. Fierce Deity Michael

    I think he means that the edge between Donkey Kong’s shoulder and the body should be smooth because it is the same body, but because you cut the arm completely off and made the body closed with a white surface, you will never be able to glue the arm on perfectly flat and smooth: you will keep seeing a very obvious edge around the shoulder this way.

    And you cut up his bottom right don the middle where his you-know-what would be that’s just very strange to do and it gives the same problem. And the same where you attach the bottom (his ass) to the body and the same with the ankles and the legs. Almost everywhere where you made a white surface.

    Sometimes it’s a good method but only if the two parts are NOT the exact same shape and size. On Ninjatoe’s Twilight Princess Link (I’m almost done building it!) he uses the same method with flat surfaces but because the legs are smaller than the boots, it looks much more natural. He does the same on the arms but only when one part is bigger than the other, never when they are the same shape and size like you did on Donkey Kong.

    I think you used the white surfaces in an effort to make it easier, but you used TOO many in places where it has the opposite effect of what you want. I think this Donkey Kong might be easier to build and look better if you DON’T use the white surfaces.

    You can already see it in your own picture (right next to the red tie you can see the edge between the shoulder and the body is much more obvious than most of the other edges), and if you look next to DK on the tie, you can see the white between the ankle and the leg because it is not perfectly flat (that’s not lack of building skill, but it’s almost impossible to do because paper flexes every way) and in the small pictures the second from the left you can see that the edge between his ass and his back is very visible, even in the small picture. I would recommend building it without the white parts, but most people will use them because they’re in the PDO.

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