A wild Ditto appeared! Oh noes!

In its natural state, Ditto is a purplish gelatinous blob with vestigial facial features. However, it can take the form of anything. It is also a genderless Pokemon

Great Pokemon, Great designer, bla bla, you know the thing by now :p Still posted for archive purposes. Because I promised posting atleast one Pokemon a day during the contest, these are quite handy so I don’t run out of Pokemon all of a sudden 😮 This doesn’t mean this Pokemon is any less cool, just because it’s posted out of Archive purposes! Who wouldn’t want to have a Ditto in it’s collection? It might transform in a Ninjatoes Adult Link sometime when it feels like it!

Download here

By Skelekitty. Info from Bulbapedia. (I bet you can already dream this small sentence by now)


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