Deku Shield

Photobucket It’s the Deku shield! This is link’s first shield in Ocarina of Time. It could be burned by fire, so later on in the game it wasn’t of much use. However, since the Hylian Shield was too big to carry around for Young Link, You had to have one of these in your pocket just in case.

For some reason, I always like this shield. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s just a simple wooden shield, or the awesome mark on it. It just catches my eye every time I see it. Who needs a steel shield when you have this one?

Well, the papercraft is pretty much straightforward. Print, cut it out, glue 4 tabs and you’re done. Enjoy!

Download here

By Killer94 (please publish your other papercrafts soon! They look great! )


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