Deku Link

The magic bubble-shooting guy is coming to you in the form of a papercraft. It’s Deku Link! In this form, you had some weird spin-attack, useful for collecting rupees on Termina Field. And of course, you were sort of invincible for poisoned water. I remember being set on fire once. I never noticed before that Deku Link is actually made of wood. And now you can make it from paper. Wood, paper, all the same. Happy papercrafting!

Download Deku Link

By Ichtus7


  1. Anonymous

    ummm the way you make the cap is you have to make the big pice first and you should see clear fold lines so fold those and gluse the pices that separate to the top together now repeat this step for the other pice and glue it somewhere on ther cap

  2. Anonymous

    hey itchus7 i made the deku link papercraft thanks to you man my deku link is saying thanks lol still thanks

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